About Us

Tailored Innovation... Future Focused

At Picobyte, we are on a mission to democratise access to Electronic RUC and Fleet technology for all industries that use commercial vehicles. With Picobyte’s full-stack comprehensive,  Cloud & IoT enabled, Fleet Operations Management portfolio, you can elevate your operations to a whole new level. Track, monitor, comply and manage everything you need to keep your fleet operations moving safely and efficiently.

Our Mission

At Picobyte, we’re dedicated to maintaining and modernising your transportation IT infrastructure with our specialised, industry-focused SaaS solutions, adeptly addressing unique business challenges.


Picobyte drives technological advancements, transforming complex data into simple, innovative solutions.


Through deep analysis, Picobyte uncovers valuable insights from data, enhancing decision-making and strategic planning.


We emphasise integration and connectivity, ensuring data flows across platforms for optimal performance.

Core Technologies

Picobyte specialises in advanced IoT Edge solutions for real-time data processing and sophisticated data analytics platforms, utilising AI and machine learning to transform complex sensor data into actionable insights.

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