RUC Monkey

RUC Monkey by Picobyte is a revolutionary wireless Electronic Road User Charges (RUC) management solution, perfect for small and large fleet operators. This innovative system combines effortless tracking and compliance with advanced features, ensuring you stay ahead of regulations.


MyRUC, developed by Picobyte Solutions, is an industry first Electronic assisted Digital Road User Charges (RUC) management system suitable for a wide range of vehicles. As of April 1, 2024, owners of light electric vehicles, including PHEVs, will be required to purchase an RUC license, making MyRUC an essential tool for compliance.


Elogbook is a comprehensive, NZTA-compliant digital tool designed for heavy vehicle operators and small passenger services, including Uber drivers. Its intuitive interface facilitates easy logbook management for both individual drivers and larger fleets, ensuring adherence to regulatory standards efficiently.


Picobyte’s T-Croc redefines Asset tracking in transportation with its wire-free, solar-charged IoT Edge device; with integrated GPS and wireless technologies, it offers unparalleled efficiency in tracking and managing trailers on the go.


Picobyte’s AlligateR is an IoT Gate Reader that modernises trailer mileage tracking through wireless, integrated electronic hubodometers. This cost-effective, web-based SaaS solution offers real-time, GPS-independent data analytics, significantly easing fleet management for owned and leased assets. 

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