Trailer Management with Cutting-Edge IoT Tech

AlligateR transforms trailer management with its IoT Gate Reader, ensuring precise mileage tracking and streamlined asset management. A hassle-free solution for compliance, asset tracking, and service reminders, all in one.

Unlock Fleet Efficiency with AlligateR IoT Gate Reader

IoT Gate Reader

AlligateR's technology offers seamless data acquisition for mileage tracking and asset management directly at the gate.

Hubodometer Compatibile

Works in tandem with Stemco electronic hubodometers, ensuring precise distance tracking for each fleet vehicle.

Comprehensive Reporting

The cloud-based software portal AlligateR provides daily/weekly reports, enhancing decision-making with accurate data.

Service Reminder Module

Email alerts and a web dashboard for service reminder management, helping maintain vehicle health and compliance.

Secure and Reliable

Robust security management and availability management systems, ensuring the protection and reliability of fleet data.

Flexible and Scalable

Designed to integrate with ERP systems for broader business intelligence and operational efficiency​​.

Automated Logging and Sensor Integration

AlligateR’s IoT Gate Reader automates vehicle tracking in trailer lots, accurately logging entries and exits while integrating with vehicle sensors like  the hubodometer for seamless mileage recording and operational insights.

Seamless Integration with Vehicle Sensors

Automated Entry and Exit Logging

Real-Time Asset Mileage Tracking

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