App for Rideshare and Truck Drivers

Elogbook, ideal for heavy vehicle drivers and Small Passenger Service Licence holders, including Uber drivers, is a NZTA-compliant digital tool designed to simplify logbook management across the transportation sector. Its user-friendly interface ensures seamless regulatory compliance, streamlining administrative tasks for individual operators and transport companies alike. By promoting safer driving practices, Elogbook serves as a vital tool for enhancing operational efficiency and adhering to digital compliance standards for all transport operators

Why Elogbook?

NZTA compliant, real-time work/rest tracking, enables fatigue management.

Cloud access, alerts for safety, includes roadside assistance.

GPS & Cloud Tech-based tracking & data storage for transport operators.

A paperless, eco-friendly solution that reduces manual errors

An All-In-One Solution

An All-In-One Solution that simplifies tracking work/rest hours, cuts paperwork, offers premium SOS roadside assistance, and alerts before breaches.

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