RUC Management: Digital, Direct, Simple!

myRUC, developed by Picobyte Solutions, is a sophisticated electronic Road User Charges (RUC) management system suitable for a wide range of vehicles. Here are its key features:

RUC Compliance with NZTA-Approved Digital Display

  • Instantly update fleet RUC data via smartphone
  • No more paper labels, Receive digital updates wirelessly
  • Optimize costs with in time RUC purchases
  • Simplify your RUC management, save time and money

Electronic RUC Solutions for Modern Fleets

Embrace the digital transformation of RUC management with our electronic RUC display solution, designed to simplify compliance, enhance security, and improve operational efficiency for your fleet.

Digital RUC Management

Upgrade to a 4.3″ E-ink electronic RUC display for hassle-free compliance across a wide range of vehicles - EVs, PHEVs, light diesel, buses, and trailers.

Seamless Integration & Accessibility

Benefit from cloud-based, real-time updates through the RUC Monkey eRUC platform with robust data security and customizable settings for every fleet need.

On-the-Go Management

Utilize the myRUC mobile app for Android and iOS, featuring smart alerts for timely RUC renewals and a user-friendly interface for easy operation.

Efficient Compliance & Reporting

Enjoy automated license renewals and in-depth reporting capabilities for continuous compliance and optimized fleet management.

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