Real-Time Asset Tracking

The T-Croc, developed by Picobyte, is a cutting-edge IoT Edge unit designed for efficient asset e.g. trailer management and tracking in the transportation industry.

Advanced Hardware for Comprehensive Trailer Monitoring

It features GPS and RF Cellular capabilities, supported by a robust battery with a power harness, ensuring consistent and reliable operation.

T-Croc Web Portal

This user-friendly portal enables effective management of trailer assets and service reminders, offering real-time visibility of current odometer readings and facilitating timely maintenance alerts.

T-Croc Trailer Tracker Features

Online T-Croc Web Portal

This user-friendly portal allows for effective management of trailer assets, providing real-time visibility of the current odometer readings.

Service Alerts

Customise kilometre-based thresholds to schedule maintenance services efficiently and stay informed with timely email notifications.

API Integration Support

Seamless integration with your existing operational systems, ensuring operational flexibility, enhanced productivity, and streamlined workflows for better fleet management.

Locate Integrated Mapping

This enables users to pinpoint the last known position of their assets anywhere in Australia, offering precise odometer data through an electronic wheel sensor.

Daily KM Readings Reports

Leverage comprehensive daily reports detailing the kilometres travelled by each asset, enabling precise, accurate tracking and streamlined, efficient management.

Enhanced Security Features

Robust security measures to protect your fleet, including unauthorised movement alerts and geo-fencing capabilities, ensure your assets are always monitored and secure.

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